Taguchi Tomoki Woodblock VIII Poster

The Taguchi Tomoki Woodblock VIII Poster from the esteemed “Yatsuo no Tsubaki” series showcases a stunningly depicted mythical horse, a testament to the timeless craft of Japanese woodblock printing.

This piece captures the essence of Edo-period art, with its fluid lines and ethereal subject matter, evoking the rich tapestry of Japanese folklore. A must-have for collectors, this poster is not just an artwork but a narrative piece that embodies the fusion of traditional technique and cultural storytelling.

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The Taguchi Tomoki Woodblock VIII Poster is a significant cultural artifact that hails from the lauded “Yatsuo no Tsubaki” series, produced during the prolific Edo period of Japan.

This particular print is an exquisite representation of Taguchi’s mastery of woodblock printing, a technique that has been revered for centuries for its ability to convey intricate details and subtle gradations of tone. The Taguchi Tomoki Woodblock VII Poster features a mythical horse, captured in an ethereal stride, its figure embodying the fluidity and dynamism that are hallmarks of Taguchi’s style.

Surrounded by delicate lines and soft curves, the horse appears to leap beyond the confines of the material world, entering a realm of folklore and imagination. The composition’s balance is further enhanced by the dragon emblem below, intricately detailed, winding in on itself in a traditional symbol of cosmic power and wisdom.

These iconic motifs, the horse and the dragon, are central to the Asian iconographic tradition, often representing the intertwining of the earthly and the divine.

The artwork’s monochromatic execution focuses the viewer’s attention on the form and movement within the print, highlighting the artist’s skillful use of negative space and the textured depth unique to woodblock prints.

The kanji inscriptions contribute an additional layer of meaning, likely offering insight into the piece’s title or an accompanying poetic verse that deepens the viewer’s engagement with the imagery.

The Taguchi Tomoki Woodblock VIII Poster is not merely a decorative item but a piece of Japan’s rich artistic legacy, making it a sought-after collectible for enthusiasts of traditional Japanese art and history. It’s a reflection of the meticulous artisanship of the Edo period, bringing the era’s aesthetic sensibilities and storytelling into contemporary spaces.


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