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Exploring Poster Sizes

Your Poster, Your Choice

In the world of wall decor, poster sizes matter. Whether you’re looking for compact elegance or bold statements, the world of poster sizes has something for everyone. Explore, experiment, and turn your living space into a canvas of self-expression. And remember, whether you choose 40×50 size or 61×91 size, these posters are available at, and they are also compatible with IKEA frames, adding convenience and style to your decorating journey. Your poster, your choice!

When it comes to decorating your living space with posters, the size matters. Different poster sizes offer various opportunities for creative expression and wall decoration. Let’s dive into a range of poster sizes, including  40×50 size and 61×91 size.

100×70 Poster – The Grand Display

For those who want to go grand, 100×70 posters are the ultimate choice. They are perfect for creating a captivating focal point in a room, especially in spacious areas like living rooms or home theaters.


61×91 Poster Making a Bold Statement

61×91 posters are the size to go for when you want to make a bold statement with your wall decor. Whether you want to showcase your love for your favorite films, celebrate music legends, or share your travel memories, this size offers the canvas you need to make a lasting impression. And yes, just like the 40×50 posters, you can find 61×91 cm posters at, and they are also compatible with IKEA frames, making your decorating journey even more convenient.

Exploring Poster Sizes

50×70 Poster Bold and Eye-Catching

50×70 posters are bold and eye-catching. They offer more space for intricate designs and can be a great choice for movie enthusiasts or fans of iconic art pieces. These posters are sure to grab attention and make a statement.


30×40 Poster Classic and Balanced Option

Slightly larger than A3, 30×40 posters offer a classic and balanced option for wall decor. They fit well in standard frames and can be a great choice for showcasing photography, artwork, or inspirational quotes.


40×50 Poster The Sweet Spot

40×50 posters hit the sweet spot in terms of size. They’re versatile, providing enough space for artwork or posters with intricate details. Whether you want to frame your favorite art piece or create a stunning gallery wall, these posters are up to the task. And remember, you can find these posters at, making your decorating journey even more convenient. Plus, they are compatible with IKEA frames, adding extra convenience to your decorating journey.

A2 Poster Statement-Making Decor

A2 posters are larger and make a statement on your wall. They are perfect for showcasing detailed artwork, movie posters, or large-scale photography. A2 posters can be the centerpiece of your decor, drawing attention and admiration.


A3 Poster Compact and Versatile

A3 posters are compact and versatile, making them ideal for smaller spaces. They can be easily framed and hung on walls, placed on shelves, or even used as part of a collage. For those looking to add a touch of creativity without overwhelming the room, A3 posters are a fantastic choice.