Exibition 1986 Poster


Exibition 1986 Poster

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The poster features Keith Haring’s artwork from 1986, showcasing an orange figure holding a green fish. Haring’s bold and vibrant style is evident in the composition, capturing a sense of energy and movement. The juxtaposition between the figure and the fish invites viewers to ponder the symbolism and sparks curiosity.

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The poster features Keith Haring’s artwork from 1986, showcasing an iconic orange figure holding a big green fish. Against a bold background, Haring’s signature style comes to life, with vibrant colors and bold lines that exude a sense of energy and movement. The orange figure, with its simplified and stylized form, holds the attention of viewers as it interacts with the whimsical green fish.

Haring’s artwork often incorporated symbolic imagery, and the juxtaposition of the figure and the fish adds intrigue and depth to the composition. The orange figure, with its universal appeal, represents humanity, while the green fish could symbolize nature, transformation, or even the subconscious. The visual dialogue between the two elements sparks curiosity and invites viewers to interpret the relationship between them.

The poster’s design effectively captures Haring’s distinctive style, with the bold colors and expressive lines creating a visually captivating experience. The composition’s simplicity allows the central elements to become focal points, drawing viewers into the narrative and sparking their imagination.

This poster serves as a vibrant testament to Keith Haring’s artistic vision and his ability to communicate complex ideas through simple yet powerful imagery. It invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between humanity and nature, and the connections we share with the world around us.

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